24 + Hours In A Car

This was the first and last time I ever spend a whole 24 hour period driving across the country. We left Nashville, TN at 12 on Tuesday and arrived in Flagstaff, AZ at 2pm on Wednesday.

Overall, the drive was flat, consisted of many large trucks and challenged my sanity. We paced ourselves – stopping occasionally to fill up gas, stretch and use the bathroom.

We traveled through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

In Tennessee we stopped by Memphis. We had to take the mandatory selfie of the Mississippi River (with #craigthecat of course). There were some cool tributes to BB King and Johnny Cash at the visitor center. Then, we had to stop for BBQ ..

Molly, Kendra, Jack and Me
#craigthecat at the Mississippi River


BB King
Elvis Presley

We stopped for some BBQ at Central BBQ. They had some incredible artwork throughout the restaurant. I got half ribs, bread, and a side of Mac and cheese with beans. They also have some pretty cool cups you get to take home. It’s sitting in the car with me now.

The King and #craigthecat

Driving all night – we saw flashing lights in Texas through fields of wind turbines, we encountered flashing alien lights, which turned out to be trucker stops in Oklahoma, the sun rise in New Mexico and breakfast in Albuquerque at Owl Café.

Sunrise in New Mexico

Finally, Flagstaff awaits as we prepare to visit the world’s best preserved meteorite impact site on earth…

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  1. Great road trip pics and words. One discovers so much when in a car with your best friend(s) for an extended period of time. So much about self and others that are priceless. We learned from experience during our first extended road trip back in September 2016.


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