Driving from Baltimore was mostly in the rain. It was a long 11+ hour dive. The most interesting thing we came across was a fireworks store.

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It’s been about 3.5 years since I was last in Nashville. We stayed right around 12 south with Alex Preston – who was a wonderful and gracious host. Naturally we got an uber and went out for the night

We decided to head out to The Slider House  and munched on some good grub. I had a Peanut Butter Milk Stout, which paired nicely with Southern Comfort Slider, and some delicious fried pickles. This was my 2nd visit here and I’d highly recommend it!

Cater, Alex, Molly, Kendra, and Jack at the Slider House


After, we ventured next door to Winners Bar and Grille for Whiskey Jam. Molly had a blast and ended up singing with two other girls up front and center with the artist. Here is a quick clip – so you get a taste for the silliness.

After drinking rounds of whiskey, it was time to visit Alex’s girlfriend at The Hutton Hotel .


This morning, we spent some time at the Frothy Monkey. We forgot #craigthecat – so we had to get some pictures with him.

#craigthecat at the Frothy Monkey

Next stop is Flagstaff … and a few places along the way …






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