Last Minute Advice

I finally packed my bags. I never thought that I would have accomplished it. I had a crazy idea last May to travel to New Zealand. Tomorrow is the day where I embark on a new chapter and start the next journey – one full of adventure and exploration.

This journey will start off by driving across the country and making time to explore some major cities and beautiful landscapes. Eventually, the time will come to hop on a plane and fly 12+ hours and multiple time zones into the future.

I am feeling anxious, nervous, excited, thrilled, curious, relieved, cautious, thankful, and tired. Good thing I have a week and a half to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport, 4 major cities to visit, 3 good friends to travel with and plenty of nips, snacks and treats along the way.
good-company-molly-and-meShout out to the social media queen herself and some good enough farmers for helping provide these tasteful treats.

My favorite treats – the disposable camera and the nips, of course 🙂

Just some of the essentials for driving across the country:

From one novice traveler to another – here is some advice

1. Do Not Pack the Night Before You Leave

I am only slightly stressed because I spent the last 4 hours on the ground picking and choosing what clothing, gear and things I might need for my trip. Do yourself a favor, make plenty of “to-do” lists, “do not forget” lists and compile all your required and necessary things before the day you have to leave.

2. Inform the Government

Make sure to inform the government that you are departing to a foreign country – it is always helpful in case something terrible happens – like losing a passport! Do yourself a favor and if you are leaving the United States – go to this website for more information…

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

3. Print Your Visa

You don’t have a visa? Well, that’s going to be a problem. If you do have a visa – make sure to keep an extra copy with your passport, and in your luggage. It never hurts to have more than one copy. Remember that if you

4. Inform Your Bank & Credit Card Companies

Did you save money earmarked to spend in a foreign country? Well, if you don’t notify your bank/credit card company – you might have some issues. It is most helpful to notify your bank/credit company well before your travel in case you have to make changes to your account or find a new company that will service you abroad.

5. Get Advice from OTHERS!

One blog I stumbled upon is by Matthew Karsten – great advice from an Expert Vagabond! It is always helpful to get tips and ideas form those who do this stuff for a living – after all, you can never get too much advice.

Most importantly


Listen to your own voice – it is there for a reason

Trust your instinct, go after your passions and keep track of your journey. After all, only you have the power and ability to shape your future. Make a plan, save some money, and try not to pack your bag within hours before you leave for a trip – unless you are a procrastinator, then it’s normal.

~ Safe Travels ~

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