Los Angeles

4 days in Los Angeles visiting the Santa Monica Pier, eating some good food and enjoying great company.

Grand Canyon

Mezmorizing and memorable, the Grand Canyon is an amazing sight.


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

24 + Hours In A Car

•24+ hours in a car

•1,500+ miles in one day

• 5 states

•Many rest stops with trucks…


Nashville ~ 12 South, The Slider House, Whiskey Jam @ Winners and the Frothy Monkey.


Baltimore ~ Tavern, Bars and Federal Hill

Baltimore has something for everyone!

Last Minute Advice

Take my advice:

– Plan before you travel.

– Take some advice from everyone who will offer it.

– Be yourself and make sure to have fun.

Simple Resolution

New Year, New You.

Make simple goals you can accomplish in the New Year and see the results manifest.